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Summer Break

So I have taken a few months off to catch up on my research, so I shall soon be putting out blogs again. With all the crazy stuff going on I harken back to 1816 when the weather turned in June and it got cold due to a massive volcano in another part of the world. This event, though large in scope, is hardly mentioned, and yet was a major event in the times of our ancestors.

I wonder if our current predicament will be as easily forgotten?

I hope to continue to slow down, if not stop, the loss of our history and maybe even make some inroads into returning some of that information to the official record.

One of the stories featured here is about the artifacts from the Molson site. Years ago some artifacts spoke to me, they wanted a better location and their story to be told. That story I wrote entitled, "Mysteries of Huronia" can be found here:

One of my early stories is about the purchase of Penetang, "When You Forgot What You Bought" This story has circled around and will both be updated and included in some other of my future stories, as it seems to have more to tell.

I have put aside the stories of World War 1 during our pandemic for brighter stories, but I will return to them in the new year, with a better understanding of what went on as I have found some delicious contacts. Part One is available here.

The Drummond Islanders and their stories will continue to be a focus of mine. Their story is broader and more colorful than I ever imagined, deeper too, and I am going to endeavor to link the families back to Quebec. I'm beginning to see the familial ties reach back to even earlier generations.

Some of my writing is devoted to bringing these peoples lives to light, as my three part Life in Prehistoric times shows.

I would also like to write about life in historical times, I have found a few suprises there too.

I have a few stories to track down and of course new story ideas are always welcome. This year will be difficult to deal with people in person, even at archives and such.

Maps roads and charts are going to be investigated as well. There seems to be more to the story of these old maps and our current relationship to them.

Anyway, just an update to what has been and what will be coming at you in the future.

Art Duval

Pipesmoke of the past

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