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The Cures of 1863

This is a slightly different blog on the cures of the 19th century. Today we have a President who would have probably fallen for some of these south of the border. There was a time where any quaky cure could be advertised. These cures could fix just about anything that illed you. These advertisements are all from one paper in 1863. And yes they are actual advertisements.

Dr Amos and son have a most scientific invention. Particularly young men could benefit. Not sure what the instrument does. Now with no mercury!

Dr Morse turned to Indian Root, whether it was North American Indian or India Indian it does not say, but this root could cure all sickness and distress by purifying the blood. You could get this stuff into the 1970's so maybe they were onto something.

Holloway's ointment worked on civilized and savage life, sores tumours, scrofulous developments (that sounds bad) and all kinds of abscesses and cancers. All in one bottle! Scrofula, Erysipelas and salt Rheum must have all been wiped out because nobody gets any of that today.

I have all of these problems, where do I get some?

Equipped with Hunnewell's you can be cured of all types of cough conditions. Tolou Anodyne could be the cure we are looking for, or if you have Neuralgia, nervous and sick headaches, tooth and earaches. Distress after eating, (like when the wife cooks?) Gout, Rheumatism. Whereas, Dr More was for young men, this seems to be for womanly issues.

Dyspepsia and Biliousness, I hate when they happen, wind in stomach sounds bad as well.

This cure can fix you up in minutes, even gives you a realistic time-frame with which to deal with your issue. Doesn't say covid, but I'm sure...guaranteed, sort of, at the bottom.

And not just for humans, want "fatted calves"?, put this powder on any type of animal and it will thrive.

Dr Morse (correctly spelled this time) turns to poetry, somewhat morbid poetry at that in 1863.

Infallible liniment seems pretty safe. Pain destroyer AND hair restorative among other things, where does one get Arnica Oil? Can the Surgeon General of the US of A be wrong, I don't think so. This one can be for man or Beast, I have been called bith so...

Siberian cough remedy sounds legit, "save long evils ending in consumption", wouldn't want that. The whole bottle for a quarter got to get me some.

LJ Racine likes WildCherry so much she wrote the paper. I'm sold if LJ is still alive, anyone knows LJ Racine? Supposedly my obedient servant.

So with all these cures, why was the lifespan so low?

All of these cures were from two papers in 1863 and 64, with all the choices how can you go wrong. Not long after this, the brought in a bill where advertising such quackery was disallowed.

Art Duval Pipesmoke of the past.

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