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Lanegan's Sugar Shack

LAC-BAC Lanegan's Sugar Shack

This is called Lanegan's Sugar shack. Is Lanegan misspelling of Landrigan? Likely since there were Landrigan's.

If it is...

And this is also a misspelling of Landrigan Lake. Which we know to be true as early maps have it as Landrigan Lake

Is this fallen down sugar shack on Lalligan lake...Lanegan Sugar shack?

YeAH I know, some of the metal looks younger, but over time you would renovate, the wood seems in an advance state of decay, so...

Did Gary and me stumble on this paintings site?

Landrigan is the original name of the lake, and Landrigans were a pioneer family, so it is not so far fetched. Alas, I understand I will probably never know...

Art Duval Pipesmoke of the past

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May 26, 2020

Where is that original painting of the sugar shack from and how old is it?


May 25, 2020

Hello Art; There is a Leonard Landrigan, whom we see at St. Ann's Church all the time. He is a relative of Lea (Trudeau) Duval. Perhaps he knows something about the Landrigan sugar shack. I could try to get his number if you like.

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